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Hi Im George Smith and this is the story of my trip

I am 16 years old. I have been smoking weed every day for Id say 4and 1/2 to 5 months. I have ADHD and I’ve been having some anxiety lately just leaving that as a side note. I take add medicine and I have been take antibiotics lately for a personal reason. I am writing my story so that I do not forget the experience. I am writing this very in depth so tha...


i usually smoke long time before i get home and my mom always seems to notice just by looking at my face and she knows somethings up even if i smoked hours earlier, i always ask my friends if my face looks okay and they always say im fine meanwhile my mom always knows something is up. my friends always get away with smoking from their parents, meanwhile i...

My Hello entry

My Hello entry Hello to all that read this:

My name is Chris aka GrdDog and I am from Florida(east coast); I am a newbie at the growing scene but have been
reading and studying different techniques and methods for years now.
I am a man that has PTSD along with herniated disks 4-9 cervical and nerve
damage; the cannabis/marijuana helps with treating many aspects of the...

Decarbing Shatter for coconut oil capsules

Hello Grasscity,I'm in a rut. I've been making edibles for the past week. I'm working on my decarboxylation method. Here's what I've been writing in Evernote:

"Trial #5:
For this trial I want to be very vigilant over the decarboxylating process. I think that the trial before this, I over heated the shatter. I think this next method should be much more s...

Binghamton Part Two: The Shoe Factory

If you have not read Part One. Then GTFO Part Two.
Binghamton is a 30 minute drive on a major highway from last unknown location. Due to the recent setback done by the police, we had no weed to get high, but we still had each other. Even though I'd choose weed over friends any hour.
The shoe factory was built in the 1800s, abandoned in the 1930s, and cou...

Thermostatic Speed-Controlled Exhaust Fan Using A Variac

1. Background
I use a $60 variac to reduce the speed of my exhaust fan. A variac is much quieter than inexpensive dimmer-like controls which cause the fan motor to buzz. I believe the buzz is due to these dimmer-like controls chopping the AC current's sine wave, creating 60 on/off pulses per second. This dirty voltage is reportedly be bad for fan motors t...

Hi Everybody :)

Good evening everybody. This is my first blog on this site and I wanted top say basically a hello and intro. I am an avid CA card carrying smoker. I tend to dabble in a little gardening, chemistry and edibles. Especially from my own garden when I can. Just want to get to know you guys and girls and help trade info. Have a GREEN night!

HarvestING in layers

ok, this is my first grow, I decided to go with coco, and I can say one thing, looks better than most of the other grows I've seen. I'm at that point of the crystals starting to turn, getting some yellowing in the bottom of the plant, and I was just in a grow room and the guy was harvesting in layers. He was telling me it gives time to the bottom nugs tha...

Economy Dot Measurement of 5mW Red Dot Laser Alignment

Economy Dot Measurement of 5mW Red Dot Laser Alignment When users are getting extremely strict and precise dot measuring results, very formal laser pointer and stickers are no longer workable for users to get quite satisfied dot alignment as expected. In order to make sure of high accuracy dot measuring results, more and more users are beginning to selecting advanced 5mW red dot laser alignment. On condition...

Fresh air growing, what to do in winter when it's cold out

I am setting up a large grow in WA and am in process of designing hvac, what do you do when it's cold outside and your trying to stay around 78 degrees? I have 4, 1200 sf flower rooms with 32 so 1000 kind led lights and was thinking of bringing in two 1500 cfm fans and then exhausting the co2 depleted air out but when trying to keep rooms at a set temp...


Stems turning purple and bending down.what is it.

Small garden, enviroment and success.

Small gardens offer for one grower a chance to take on all aspects of either soil or hydroponic horticulture to produce an above average quality of harvest and satisfaction in gardening. The fun and learning is a plus when going for cannabis production. The learning never stops. The discovery is new and wonderful when it happens.. Still excited to grow no...

this is why people are afriad of leaglizing weed

read the full artical here,https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/cannabis-see...

DEA Chief has made a massive a blunder by calling Medical Marijuana ‘A Joke’

According to the International Business
Times, the backlash has been fierce, with over 36,000 people have
signed a petition against DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg, asking USA
president Barack Obam...


i am new to LED growlights, i am growing Nirvanas White Castle and Greenhouse Kings Kush...i recently ourchased a 45W erligpowht LED growlight, and am curious on how close the light should be from my plants...thanks for your time


so this is my first blog...ever...what do you do?....I'm an advocate!!!! if alcohol is legal why the fuck isn't weed? Weed rights before alcohol rights.....but what do you do when your significant other can't remember what you said the night before or your birthday or if someone in your family is sick or even dying ....what do you do if they can't see wha...

im starting to rip my hair out lol

okay so I have a couple of different strains in my flw room (blue dream, banana kush and super skunk) I'm like 60% red hairs and my tricombs are milky with 10% amber....it seems like there taking forever at this point and it looks as tho there unhappy at this point. I don't want to lose them or maybe its just me lmao.....there so heavy so there hanging de...

new update end of week 2 of flowering

new update end of week 2 of flowering well I typee out this long thing but... I fucked up and dont feel like doing again but... Just did my final triming for the rest of the grow everything is spaced out well and im excited to see what im seeing... 3 out of 4 were female soo good draw there noticing some sacks on lower modes of the shoots but thats all been cut back


So i have a pre-employment (pharmacy tech) drug test tomorrow morning. im going to have my roommate piss in a decent size pill bottle (over 2-3 oz) for me. my issue is that i want to make sure its the right temp. She'll piss in the cup in the morning, I'll put the bottle in my underwear, wear tight spanx shorts, and put looser sweat pants on, then then il...

What to do when I HAVE to stop smoking

Okay, I'm 18 years old and I've been smoking for almost a year. Well, in May, I have an office job that I am being interviewed for. However, the employer requires hair follicle drug testing that will go back 90 days. I have made the decision to stop smoking in January to give myself plenty of time for my hair to grow and be free of any traces of mariju...

i need advice asap

recently I was admitted into the hospital for a spontaneous pneumothorax. I was working out at the gym and I was using a row machine but this machine requires you press your chest up against it. I smoke and use a nicotine vape everyday. I smoke after school and before bed every night. I am only 18 years old and they say this only happens to people with a...

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